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By placing your report about a female scammer, you'll become a free registered user on our web site.
For every report that you submit (along with corresponding photos, letters and other proof) that is approved by our administrators, we will register you for 1 months free access to all search and browse functions on our website.

If you have media (audio, video) files of the scammer and send them to us to confirm your report, we will add 3 months of free registration for each media file.

If you have fake documents of the scammer and send them to us to confirm your report, we add 1 month of free registration for each fake document we use.

For example: you submit a report, confirm it with photos and letters, send us 1 media file (video or audio), and send us 2 fake documents (Russian travel pass and USA visa):

Duration of free registration for this report
Confirmed report - 1 month
1 media file - 3 months
2 fake documents - 2 months
You receive a total of 6 months free registration

Login information will be sent to you by email after your report is checked and approved by the administrators of our site and it has been added to our database.

For every further confirmed report about another scammer we add to your existing account we will give you 1 month free access, plus additional months for media files and/or fake documents (see above) if you provide us with them as well.

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