Search help

Database search

With this option you can search the scammers' database by first name, last name, country, city, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Before searching, check the spelling of first names and city names we are using on the site. Browse scammers by name and city to see the correct spelling of the name and/or city you want to use in your search.

How to search with this tool? Here is an example. You have the following information about scammer:

First name: Kristina
Last name: Borisova
Address(es): Russia, 422000, Kazan, Lenina str., 35, appartment 144
E-mail address(es):

Search with a combination of keywords. Possible variants:

Kristina Borisova Kazan - you'll find all "Kristina Borisova from Kazan"
Kristina Borisova Russia - you'll find all "Kristina Borisova from Russia"
Kristina Borisova Lenina - you'll find all "Kristina Borisova with Lenina street in the address field"
Kristina Borisova - you'll find all "Kristina Borisova from any country"
Kristina Russia - you'll find all "Kristina from Russia"
Kristina Kazan - you'll find all "Kristina from Kazan"
Russia Lenina - you'll find all "scammers from Russia with Lenina street in the address field"
Russia Kazan Lenina - you'll find all "scammers from Kazan in Russia with Lenina Street in the address field" and other combinations...

Of course you can search with any single keyword you know about the scammer you are trying to find too. Searching by e-mail address or street name is a good tactic, too. In other cases it is recommended to search with more keywords.

Search scripts perform searches by finding the exact incidences of keywords in every scammer's profile. So avoid use punctuation marks such as hyphens, brackets, numbers, reductions and general words like and, or, street, house, flat, apartment, city, town, village, settlement, state, republic, country etc.

For two-words (or more) city, street, etc. names like Saint Petersburg, use only one word in your search either of them will do: for example "Petersburg". But, such names like "Yoshkar-Ola" (a two word city name connected by a hyphen) appear to the search script as a single keyword.

There are different ways of writing a phone number: 234-806-491-6762; +234-806-491-6762; 234 806 491 6762 ... If you want to find a phone number then you should write it without spaces, hyphen signs or a "+" in the beginning: 2348064916762

You can search with parts of keywords: instead of "Borisova" use "Borisov", instead of "Lenina" use "Lenin", instead of "" use "prikinkak", instead of "2348064916762" use "2348064" etc.

Search by age

This is a very helpful function to check if the woman you are corresponding with is in our database or not.

They may change their names and/or contact information, but they can't change how much younger or older they are.

If you know that she is 25, try to search for her with 25-25 or 24-26 or other combinations, selecting the country where she is living.

Photo search

Stop Scammers is proud to announce that we are introducing a unique new search feature: photo search. This is a really useful tool as scammers will more often than not use the same photo sets over and over.

With this function you will be able to search our database of known scammers' photographs using photos that have been sent to you.

Just upload the photograph from your computer's hard-drive to search our extensive database. Allowed file types - .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png.

Scam letters search

This is a very helpful function to check questionable letters received by you from women on dating sites or from an unknown source.
Most scammers use the same pre-written letters which are sent to different men. They can change photos, names, e-mail addresses and other things. But very seldom do they write an original or personalized letter. Your goal is to find out if you have been targeted by a scam artist. If you find exactly the same letters in our database, this means that you are dealing with a scammer. It's all you need to know.

Just copy and paste into the scam letters search field a phrase from the letter and search our database of letters from known scammers. For example: you received the following letter:
"Hi. My name is Lana. I'm new on the dating site. I have not much time for chat. I want to find my unique man!!! I would like to meet you face to face. I know you are online now and can read my message. I ask you, please, please, please find time to write me at my E-mail. Or give me your e-mail address, please. OK? So I can write to you back. I will be waiting. Your letter will be important for me."
You copy, paste and perform a search for the phrase "I would like to meet you face to face". In the search results you'll find all scammers that have written letters containing this phrase to men in the past.

If the phrase did not match any letters on our site, try to search with different phrase(s) or phrase(s) from another letter. It is recommended to choose phrases from the first letters you receive. They are usually generalised and the least personalized.

Fake documents search

With this option you can search the database of fake documents by their number.

Often scammers send fake documents to prove that they are real. Type the number of the received document into the search field to see if it is registered in our database. But you need to type the number without spaces, "N" and other signs only.
For example: the number is 555 N 123456789. You can search for 555123456789 or part of the number 555 or 123456789 or 555123 or 5551234 etc.

IP check

When you receive an email, you receive more than just the message. The email comes with hidden headers that carry important information that can tell you where the email was sent from. For that, you would need to find the IP address of the sender. The tutorial below can help you find the IP address of the sender.

Note that this will not work if the sender uses anonymous proxy servers. But this information is important too because honest women do not use them. In this case it is most likely you are corresponding with a scammer.

Also, note that if you receive an email sent from a Gmail account through the web browser, you may not be able to find the real IP address because Google hides the real IP address of the sender. However, if someone sends you a mail from his/her Gmail account using a client like Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail, you can find the originating IP address.
Every email client has slightly different steps to locating an email header. Here are a couple of the most popular:

Gmail E-mail:
When you open an email, you will see next to the button "Reply" - down arrow. Click on arrow and choose "Show original". New window will be opened with the full email header.

Yahoo E-mail:
If you right click on the email message you will see the option "View Full Headers". Select it and a new pop-up "Full Message Header" will appear.

Hotmail (Live) E-mail:
If you right click on the email message you will see the option "View Source". Select it and a new window with the full email source will open.

AOL E-mail:
On the top row, click on Action and in the drop-down menu select View Message Source. It opens a new page with the headers.

Outlook / Incredimail:
Select or open the email message. At the top left of your screen select "File" and then "Properties". Select the tab "Details" and finally "Message source".

Microsoft Office version of Outlook:
Open a message. On the View menu, click Options. Note: If you do not see the Options command, make sure you click View on the toolbar in an open message window. The View menu on the standard Outlook toolbar does not have the Options command. The Header information appears under the Delivery options in the Internet Headers box.

If you find X-Originating-IP: followed by an IP address - that is the sender's IP address.
If that doesn't work, look for Received: from [followed by IP address within square brackets] by "your mail service". That is the sender's IP address.
If you have multiple Received: from records select the last one.

Copy and paste IP address without square brackets into the IP search field and you'll find the real location of the woman you are corresponding with.

Check hidden photos information

This tool works by utilizing the metadata in photos and analysing them to identify scammers. After you've uploaded the photo, you are given the metadata in a variety of forms:

1. You will know the type of digital camera that captured the image, and actually see the name and model of the camera used.
2. The date and time that the photograph was taken is also available.
3. You can find out if the image was manipulated in any way as the software details will be disclosed as well as the details as to which software was used to manipulate the photo.
4. You will also find out where the photo was taken.
5. The photographer's name and any copyright notice.

Email header analyzer

This tool helps users to precisely know the source of the email and works effectively through an intense examination of the header of every email received so that the IP address can be ascertained.

All you need to do:
1. Extract email header.
2. Copy and paste it into Email header analyzer.
3. Get results and real location of the sender.